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Eph 3:20-21Jesus Christ Is - Part 4Jack Hibbs4/20/2014SunLove Beyond Measure
Jn 19:1-35The Great Exchange - Part 3Jack Hibbs4/18/2014FriLove Beyond Measure
Hab 2:4The Promised Passover - Part 2Jack Hibbs4/16/2014WedLove Beyond Measure
Da 9:24-27The Messiahship Of Jesus Christ - Part 1Jack Hibbs4/13/2014SunLove Beyond Measure
Mt 18:21-35Debtors' PrisonRob Hubbard4/9/2014WedChristian Living
Eph 2:8-10Saved By GraceJohn Miller4/6/2014SunEvangelism
2 Co 10:7-18More Than What Meets The EyeJack Hibbs3/30/2014Sun2 Corinthians
Mt 7:13-14Parable Of The Two Gates & Two WaysJack Hibbs3/26/2014WedParables Of Jesus
2 Co 10:1-6S. W. A. T. Special Weapons & Tactics - Part 4Jack Hibbs3/23/2014Sun2 Corinthians
Lk 12:16-21Parable Of The Rich Fool - Part 2Jack Hibbs3/19/2014WedParables Of Jesus
1 Ch 4:9-10Becoming A BlessingJack Hibbs3/16/2014Sun@Home - Building Strong Families
Lk 12:16-21Parable Of The Rich Fool - Part 1Jack Hibbs3/12/2014WedParables Of Jesus
2 Co 10:1-6S. W. A. T. Special Weapons & Tactics - Part 3Jack Hibbs3/9/2014Sun2 Corinthians
2 Co 10:1-6S. W. A. T. Special Weapons & Tactics - Part 2Jack Hibbs3/2/2014Sun2 Corinthians
Lk 15:11-36Parable Of The Prodigal Q & AJack Hibbs2/26/2014WedParables Of Jesus
Ac 5:29The Sin Of SilenceDr. Laurence White2/24/2014MonChristian Living
2 Co 10:1-6S. W. A. T. Special Weapons & Tactics - Part 1Jack Hibbs2/23/2014Sun2 Corinthians
Lk 15:11-32Parable Of The Prodigal - Part 3Jack Hibbs2/19/2014WedParables Of Jesus
2 Co 9:6-15Giving What's Been Given - Part 5Jack Hibbs2/16/2014Sun2 Corinthians
Mk 4:35 - 5:20Weathering The StormsRoy Totten2/12/2014WedChristian Living
2 Sa 23:8-17Ordinary Men & A Great GodTom Hughes2/9/2014SunChristian Living
2 Co 9:1-6Giving What's Been Given - Part 4Jack Hibbs2/2/2014Sun2 Corinthians
Gen 4:1-13Who's At Your Door?Garid Beeler1/29/2014WedChristian Living
2 Co 8:10-24Giving What's Been Given - Part 3Jack Hibbs1/26/2014Sun2 Corinthians
Lk 15:11-19Parable Of The Prodigal - Part 2Jack Hibbs1/22/2014WedParables Of Jesus
2 Co 8:1-9Giving What's Been Given - Part 2Jack Hibbs1/19/2014Sun2 Corinthians
Lk 15:11-32Parable Of The Prodigal - Part 1Jack Hibbs1/15/2014WedParables Of Jesus
Pr 29:2One Life To GiveRick Green1/12/2014SunGod & Country
Mk 10:41-45The Power Of A Servant LeaderJeff Gill1/8/2014WedChristian Living
2 Co 8:1-9Giving What's Been Given - Part 1Jack Hibbs1/5/2014Sun2 Corinthians
1 Jn 4:18No Fear In LoveJack Hibbs12/31/2013TueNew Years Eve Service
Phi 3:13-14What Will You Do?Jack Hibbs12/29/2013SunChristian Living
Heb 1:1-3What Child Is This?Jack Hibbs12/24/2013TueChristmas
Phi 2:9-11Christmas, Where It All Ends - Part 3Jack Hibbs12/22/2013SunThe Christmas Story
Ps 1:1-6Devotional Life - Prayer & His Word Q & AJack Hibbs12/18/2013WedChristian Living
1 Jn 4:9 - 9:11Christmas, Why It All Matters - Part 2Jack Hibbs12/15/2013SunThe Christmas Story
Lk 2:7Jesus - FirstbornJohn Collins12/11/2013WedChristmas
1 Ti 3:16Christmas, Where It All Began - Part 1Jack Hibbs12/8/2013SunThe Christmas Story
2 Co 7:13-16His Work Under ConstructionJack Hibbs12/1/2013Sun2 Corinthians
Lk 17:11-19Where Are The Nine?Jack Hibbs11/27/2013WedThankfulness
2 Co 7:9-12Salvation's Key - Part 2Jack Hibbs11/24/2013Sun2 Corinthians
Lk 18:9-14Parable Of The Pharisee & SinnerJack Hibbs11/20/2013WedParables Of Jesus
2 Co 7:9-12Salvation's Key - Part 1Jack Hibbs11/17/2013Sun2 Corinthians
Mt 10:25-37Parable Of The Good SamaritanJack Hibbs11/13/2013WedParables Of Jesus
Gen 1:1In The Beginning, God...Dr. John Lennox11/10/2013SunApologetics
2 Co 7:2-8What Love Is ThisJack Hibbs11/3/2013Sun2 Corinthians
Mk 6:45-56The Perfect StormBarry Stagner10/30/2013WedChristian Living
2 Co 6:11 - 7:1Come Over Here! - Part 3Jack Hibbs10/27/2013Sun2 Corinthians
Lk 13:6-9Parable Of The Barren TreeJack Hibbs10/23/2013WedParables Of Jesus
Dt 5:9-10See What Your God Can DoJack Hibbs10/20/2013Sun@Home - Building Strong Families