Committing your life to Jesus is a big step, full of newness, confusion, excitement, and hope. Becoming a Christian doesn't mean that suddenly you understand everything needed for your new life with Christ. That's why we have developed the New Beginnings class. This seven-week course is geared toward both the new believer and those who simply want to fully grasp what it means to walk with the Lord. Topics such as salvation, prayer, the Bible, victory over sin, knowing God's will and worship will be covered. Although each believer's walk is individual, there are basic concepts that will dramatically affect whether they flourish or struggle in the things of God. You can be assured that by understanding God's Word and through His Spirit your path will be illuminated with hope and understanding. Our desire is to equip Christians with the tools to stand firm in every situation.
Next New Beginnings class is starting Thursday, Sept. 14 at 7PM. Sign up today to be a part of it.