Here at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills we value the opportunity to serve the Lord and consider it a privilege to be part of ministry. We believe the primary purpose of serving in ministry is to honor God by serving His people with the gifts and talents He has given us (1 Corinthians 14:26). The privilege of serving His people comes with the responsibility to live a life that reflects a sincere faith and a pursuit of holiness (Ephesians 4:1).
The book of Romans reminds us of the importance of conducting ourselves in a way that would not cause someone to stumble. 1 Thessalonians cautions us to stay away from the appearance of evil so our lives may be a testimony of God's work. While it may not always be easy or without struggles, we should strive to surrender to Christ by removing everything that would hinder our walk or cause others to stumble. It is paramount that you are serious about your walk with the Lord and that Spiritual excellence is your supreme goal.
If you believe the Lord is calling you to serve the children at CCCH and you recognize the responsibility of being His representative, then we would like to invite you to prayerfully complete a Children's Ministry application. It is expected that you consider Calvary Chapel Chino Hills your home church and that you have attended faithfully for at least six months. Additionally, it is important that you hold to the core values of this church and its doctrinal beliefs. Click here to view our Statement of Faith.
Should you have any questions regarding the Children's Ministry screening process or would like more information about the ministry opportunities within Children's Ministry, please email or call (909) 393-1594.
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